Our well-defined and effective process is designed with you, our valued customers in mind

We focus our creativity and experience on your business to help you reach your desired marketing goals. Whether you need to engage employees or convert clicks into customers, we utilize the power of strategy, management, and technology to deliver you results from our first discovery meeting through final video deliverables.




Project management begins the moment we’re awarded a project. Each project starts by our team developing a detailed project plan centered around executing developing a strategy, planning for production, all while working within your budget, timeframe, and overall requirements.

One of our highly-skilled, kick-ass Project Managers leads each project. They monitor and control the entire project - from concept to delivery - and keep everyone informed throughout every phase of the project lifecycle. Along the way, they establish project sprints that enable our team to be agile and flexible and empower the team to deliver quality visual content on a regular basis. But none of this happens, until we develop a strategy.



We develop our strategy by asking ton of questions. We take a deep dive into your business to identify your goals and objectives - find out what matters to you, and what a successful outcome looks like so we all drive towards the same goal. We uncover as much information as we can about your audience - what matters to them. We analyze your past and current successes, goals and objectives and craft a creative approach that provides you the highest impact videos that drive results.



Our creative approach goes beyond just creativity. Every person on our team is driven to create videos that engage, inspire and compel people to take action. The way we see it, if someone’s going to take the time to watch the video, we’re going to make it the best possible experience for them. That’s why we relentlessly search for the most effective and compelling way to connect with your intended audience. We use every method at our disposal - live action footage, integrated graphics, and full animation - to produce visual content that drives results.



There is so much more to production then having a crew arrive on set and shoot a video or a motion graphics artist start sketching out ideas. With so many options to consider, we constantly stay on top of the latest industry strategies, techniques, technology and tools that tailor the production experience to each client needs. This approach empowers us to remain effective and efficient throughout the entire production process (on-set or in the edit suite) and allows us to offer the most cost-effective solutions. But we also believe video doesn’t have to be a Production.We encourage a fun and collaborative work environment There’s no room for attitudes on set or in the edit suite. We love what we do, and it shows.


We’re in the home stretch. After Production we move into post-production. The conversation continues throughout our multi-point delivery system. This approach allows our clients to remain a part of the production process - or at least as much as they want to be. This ensures that expectations are met (or exceeded) along the way. That’s why we built a strong, agile and flexible team of editors that ensure we deliver timely yet powerful video content on time and on budget.

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