We Are Video ContentLab

by Hayden Gilmer on January 18, 2018

Video ContentLab stems from our parent company 522 Productions, where our passion and drive to make our clients look good led us to becoming one of the few video production companies to make the Inc 5000 in 2017.


The idea for the ContentLab came about by listening to our clients and paying attention to the marketing landscape. We believe future of marketing is content marketing - providing your audience with consistent quality material. Video will play a massive part in that.

But as we look across the industry with an eye towards that future, we notice that a lot of marketing teams struggle to produce quality content on a consistent basis. We see either teams try to cobble internal resources together, or consider bolting on a person or entire team to handle the growing demand to produce video content. Both approaches face a unique set of challenges, and rarely do marketers understand what it takes to both build and manage a video production department. We believe ContentLab provides the best solution: quality video content delivered on a consistent basis produced by people who love what they do.

We focus our creativity and experience on your business to help you reach your desired marketing goals. Whether you need to engage employees or convert clicks into customers, we utilize the power of strategy, management, and technology to deliver you results from our first discovery meeting through final video deliverables.

We apply focus on creating impactful video series with marketing teams of all sizes and budgets. We have developed a pricing model that allows high growth start ups and the well established corporation to become equals in the world of video content.

We are excited to see how Video ContentLab can make an impact on your business and look forward to brainstorming your next video series.

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